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Auto Accident Attorney Los Angeles


Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are specialized in handling major injuries occurred in automobile accidents. We will assist you in all insurance related claims after an auto collision. An auto accident attorney will help you with getting a rental car, the repair of your car, resolving libility issues with the insurnace company, obtaining payment for your medical bills, and referring to caring physicians to receive the medical care you need.

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You have certain legal rights after an accident and are entitled to maximum compensation even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Never let go of the accident for there are many detailed facts and laws you may not be aware of. Contact a legal specialist in our law office to discuss your automobile accident case before you talk with a claims adjuster from the insurance company of the person at fault. Ordinarily insurance adjusters are trained and are skilled and minimize your recovery or offer small settlement to close your case. Providing a statement or signing papers you don't understand their legal effect and without first seeking advice from an experienced auto accident attorney could damage your case.

Parties involved in an incident may face civil liability. Automobile accident personal injury lawsuits have become the most common type of tort. So, the Jury most often decides solely the factual questions of who is at fault, and their percentage of fault, as well as how much must paid out in damages to the injured plaintiff by the at fault party's insurer.

At the law offices of Tony M. Seyfi, we have handled many types of auto accidents including: * Head-on collisions * Rear-end collisions * Side collisions * Rollovers * Single-vehicle collisions * Multi-vehicle collisions * Backup accidents