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Construction Defect Attorney Los Angeles
Construction Defects Our attorneys will help you recover maximum compensation if you own a building or a home with a construction defect. If you have invested in a construction project you deserve a product free of defects. Whether the source of the dispute is a custom home, an apartment complex, or a commercial building, each party involved, at the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, we will make sure that your rights are protected and that you are compensated for any damages caused by a construction defect.

If you are involved in a contract dispute related to construction and are concerned about protecting your interest, we will counsel you regarding your legal position. Contact our offices now to speak with Mr. Tony M. Seyfi at 213-252-1000.

We handle all types of commercial and residential construction defect cases, including those involving:

  • construction defects
  • construction negligence
  • insurance coverage

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