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My son was devastated by the thought of these conviction records, and I am glad you were recommended to me. Albert S.
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My sister had suffered a major brain injury in an auto accident on a Los Angeles, California freeway. I didn't have a very good opinion of personal injury lawyers. After I talked to attorney Tony M. Seyfi and saw that he was an aggressive and reliable PI lawyer, and when I saw his true concern to win the case, I knew I was in safe hands. The insurance carrier for the other party threw many obstacles on our way and initially wanted to deny the insurance claim. They didn't want to pay for the brain surgery, hospital bills, ambulance and report costs, and pain and suffering. I'm sure many lawyers would have given up but Tony's confidence and persistence paid off. It was through his determination, skill, knowledge and hard work that we won the PI case in our favor. I would definitely recommend Tony M. Seyfi for any personal injury case in Los Angeles, California.
Matt G.
My son had a slip and fall accident that caused a major abrasion on his face. My wife was devastated. My son started having nightmares and was in severe pain. He injuries got worse when he started having eye and vision problems along with neck pain. He had trouble breathing. We made an insurance claim to the carrier for the responsible party and the claim was denied by the claim adjuster. We didn’t have health insurance for my son and we were doing really bad financially. Doctors said that my son may need a reconstructive surgery on his face. We had almost given up when I was referred to the Law Offices of Tony Seyfi. Soon, we noticed how professional and courteous the lawyers are this office. The lawyer assigned to our case was very aggressive and was able to convince the insurance company to accept liability and agree to pay for the loss. Tony helped us all along in obtaining medical treatment for my son and monitored his progress to our surprise and satisfaction. First, we couldn’t see anyway out of this mess. Tony helped us keep our hopes up. My son is fine now and we settled the case against the insurance company. I was treated perfectly and the result was tremendous.
A. Kiai.
My wife suffered a birth injury and it was extremely traumatic for us to go through the loss, the pain, and the suffering. The hospital denied liability and we needed the best attorney who handled birth injury claims. I heard that Mr. Seyfi has a law office in Sherman Oaks, California. I contacted Mr. Seyfi last summer regarding the personal injury case. Within weeks, the firm was able to get the insurance claim adjuster to accept liability and agree to pay for our medical bills. Since we had health insurance, we also got compensation from the health insurance coverage. So, Mr. Seyfi was very proficient, compassionate and responsive, from the beginning. He was exceptionally sensitive to the difficulty of case. Never did I feel neglected, which was very important to me. He listened to my concerns carefully and advised me appropriately. Mr. Seyfi always returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Ultimately, we got a very large settlement and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Tommy G.
My commercial property suffered major water damage due to a flood in the Malibu, California. Water leaked into the first floor of the building and essentially covered the entire first floor businesses. The scene was shocking and I was soon threatened by my tenants that they would file a lawsuit against me and that they would leave the premises breaking their leases. I made a insurance claim against my insurance. The claims adjuster was extremely slow in responding and I was in danger of losing the tenants and ultimately the building. I needed the professional help of a lawyer specialized in commercial property insurance claims. I soon found the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, which has an office in Beverly Hills, CA. This firm is extremely professional and they take their cases very seriously. The claim was filed and coverage was accepted within a short period of time. Mr. Seyfi surpassed my expectations when he contacted my tenants and convinced them to stay in exchange for full compensation for their loss of business and damage to their business merchandize content and additional living expenses or ALE, if any. All of that was recovered from my insurance company. The assisting lawyers were equally aggressive and determined in obtaining the results. As for Tony, he always contacted me directly to update me on the case, whether it was to obtain additional information or just to let me know there was no news to report. I would definitely use this law firm for all insurance claims.
A. Seymoore
I lost a loved one in a fire incident and wanted to file a wrongful death claim against the insurance company. I needed an experienced, and aggressive attorney who would fight hard and who would take the case on contingency basis. I could not emphasize the trauma that I was going through. But, Mr. Seyfi’s sincerity, experience and professionalism were qualities I hoped for in an attorney particularly during such a difficult time. I, without hesitation, would recommend Mr. Seyfi to anyone seeking an caring and enthusiastic personal injury attorney whose goal is the best interest of his client. Should I ever need a personal injury attorney again, I would certainly use the law firm of Tony M. Seyfi.
Sean S.
Before I met Tony at his downtown Los Angeles office, I was feeling hopeless. I had just crashed my motorcycle on the freeway and had received concussion, spinal injury, and possible head or cerebral injury. I needed the best PI lawyer in California I could find. After our meeting, I felt empowered and became optimistic. He explained the insurance claim process to me, from making a claim, to medical coverage and compensation, to recovery for hospital bills and costs, and ultimately getting compensated for pain and suffering. His follow-up with me was thorough and timely. He went the extra mile on my case. I could always reach him, and he was on top of the case. Because of Tony, I had a satisfactory outcome to my case. He took steps that were beyond those that other attorneys would not have taken to recover the money that I deserved.
Samuel S.
Over the course of many years, Tony has handled legal issues for me which, to varying degrees, all involved personal injury and insurance matters. On one occasion, a spinal injury accident caused me great emotional harm, and I really felt in crisis. Tony earned my trust by his ability as an attorney to resolve the cases and leaving no doubt in my mind that he was primarily motivated by genuine concern for me. He always listened patiently, answered every question I had, and was prompt in addressing every concern I expressed.
Monica H.
I would strongly recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for an experienced attorney who has reasonable fees. I received a burn injury in Santa Monica, California and wanted to make a claim against a homeowner’s insurance. I found out that if I hired Tony’s office, I would not have to pay anything, unless he won the case, so it was all contingency. His fee percentage was lower than average. So, I searched no further and everything worked out for me. I got a great insurance settlement. I would recommend Tony as an attorney to anybody who needed one, and I thank him sincerely for all his caring and professional service.
Alana N.
I feel very lucky to have the lawyers at Mr. Seyfi’s office represent me in three insurance matters. I had a wrongful death claim, a tractor claim, and a property water damage claim. Tony would be my first pick for any future legal matters and, I would strongly, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone who is looking for an ethical attorney who listens to his client’s concerns and needs and represents them in a zealous and professional manner.
Russel B.
Simply the best. If you have a personal injury in Los Angeles, California due to a PI auto accident, car accident, and truck or motorcycle accidents, please contact the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, so that an experienced and aggressive attorney will handle your major injury claim against the insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer will fight for you to recover all possible damages to your car or truck and personal injuries to your back, neck, shoulder and other parts of your body resulting from an auto accident, a slip and fall accident, slip and fall incidents, or work related injuries. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will seek substantial compensation on a contingency basis for accidents resulting in major brain injury or head trauma. So, if you have been injured in a traffic accident on the freeway, a private road or highway, whether you were riding on a bicycle, a bike, a motorcycle or if you were a passenger in a vehicle, please call us for a free consultation. We don't charge you a fee unless we win. Our fees are reasonable and affordable.
Sean N.